| current engagements |

Consultancy, HR

Trunk Sales and Wholesale Sales Representative, Yogabela

PI (The Predictive Index) trained Partner and PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultant

Branded and custom logo wear for the yoga studio market

| past engagements |

Assistant to East Regional Vice President, Equitable Advisors Retirement Benefits Group, freelance

Editorial services for ERISA plan sponsor level communications and products, DWS and Standard & Poor’s Financial Communications

Website design, management, hosting and business consultancy, Enorm clients

Outsourced complete business solution provider to a Brazil-born sportswear line making it the [then] premier choice in the hot yoga market, Shakti Activewear

Contract business growth services, Yogabela

| est. 2005 |

Enorm, LLC has been the central hub for my business adventures starting with self-taught website design and hosting services using Open Source software solutions and a Linux environment and editorial projects for DWS Retirement Plan Services.

I developed six businesses in creative services, business consultation, ecommerce and ready-to-wear fashion. I have also contributed to the establishment, running and sale of two hot yoga studios.

The business has expanded and contracted over the years as is natural. The COVID-19 pandemic saw growth and tremendous growth in some business sectors and crushed others. My yoga clothing line, Everywear Activewear fell in the crushed category. The business died fast, my sources were closed and my business model worked on short runs sold directly to retailers. If I had to make a mathematical equation it would look like this:

(0 fabric + 0 factory for manufacturing = 0 new inventory) x 0 yoga studios retail outlets with 0 customers = $0 sales

Closing down a business takes a great deal of concentration and a solid plan to keep it on course to it’s final sale. This is hard and takes a great deal of energy. Lessons learned and on to the next opportunity.

| experiences + knowledge base |

Mentor to employees and (business owners) clients

Organizational development, talent optimization and business strategy and development management and solutions

10,000+ hours hatha yoga teacher

Deep ERISA plan and industry knowledge

Merchandising has always been natural to me, to tell a story with color, texture, placement, drawing the eye and creating the ‘want’ reaction.

Full resume is here