Yoga Programs

Remote classes with cameras turned on (this is an actively taught class.) Anyone looking to join can message me for the class link.

  • Monday, 6:00am, 26+2/Beginner, 75-90 minutes
  • Wednesday, 6:00am 84/Advanced, 90 minutes
  • Saturday, 7:00am 84/Advanced, 90 minutes (currently on hold)

Venmo payment accepted. Just like at your studio you can pay by the class or month. There is no fixed cost per class.

Studio classes are twice a week at Hometown Sweat in Natick, MA.

  • Monday, 4:30pm, 26+2/Beginner, 90 minutes
  • Thursday, 4:30pm, 26+2/Beginner, 90 minutes

Payment is made directly to the studio.

84/Advanced is available for in-studio classes upon request. Studio owners, message me to schedule a class and start promoting it now.