In the Workplace

  • Innovative and original thinking for development and implementing improvements.
  • Collaborative contributor.
  • Generalist with a need to learn and be exposed to the various aspects of the business.
  • Factual and objective.
  • Tolerant of risk and uncertainty.
  • Adaptable to changes in priorities and direction.
  • Confidence in ability to make decisions.
  • Value an environment with an open exchange of ideas.


  • Built a complete outsourced business solution for a Brazil-based sportswear line making it the premier choice in the hot yoga market. 
  • Started four teams, one developed products in the qualified retirement plans industry. 
  • Under my own business, I have developed six businesses in creative services, business consultation, ecommerce and ready-to-wear.
  • Contributed to the establishment, running and sale of two hot yoga studios. 
  • 10,000+ hour yoga teacher. 

Enorm LLC, Owner

  • Assistant to East Regional Vice President, Equitable Advisors Retirement Benefits Group
  • Freelance editorial services for The Magic Pencil
  • Freelance editorial services for ERISA plan sponsor level communications – newsletters, libraries, plan sponsor resources, and legislative updates and product management for Participant Retirement Plan kits. 
  • Creative direction, services and solutions for small companies – branding, strategy, marketing, sales and organizational development. 
  • PI (The Predictive Index) trained Partner. 
  • PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultant
  • Startup and Product Development Everywear Activewear, yoga/fitness clothing
  • Contract services for Yogabela, yoga/fitness clothing.  
  • Worldwide distribution, sales and marketing provider for Shakti Activewear. 

Hometown Sweat / The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford / Sweet Heat

  • 10,000+ Hour Experienced Hot Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher & Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT) Instructor 
  • Studio Director/Owner 2011-2015 (The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford) 
  • Co-Owner 2008-2012 (Sweet Heat Nashua)
  • 500 Hours/Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification – Spring 2007 
  • USA Yoga Athlete – New England Regionals and Nationals 2005, New England Regionals 2006, 2007, New England Regionals and Nationals 2015, 3rd Place Women’s 50+ Division National Champion 2015/6 
  • USA Yoga Coach – since 2008 
  • USA Yoga Judge – since 2018 Bikram Yoga Nashua Studio Co-Owner/Director 
  • Designed and wrote marketing and customer communications. 
  • Employee training 
  • Project management 
  • Co-developed sales cycle 
  • Led Advanced Practice for teachers and inspired students. 

Standard & Poor’s Financial Communications

  • Senior Editor for a full line of retirement plan products and services.
  • Developed a personalized employee kit system for employer plans.
  • Accompanied sales staff on sales presentations to present capabilities.
  • Worked with affiliated S&P divisions to coordinate the entire S&P product/service offering to the retirement services industry.

DWS Investments

  • Vice President
  • Deep knowledge base of ERISA retirement plans
  • ERISA Plan Services Project and Communications Consultant / Team Manager
  • Startup of each of these Retirement Plans Department services; Retirement Plan Communications Group, Small Business Retirement Plan Services, Sales Proposal Team, and Retirement Plan Compliance Communications Team.


Merrimack College, North Andover, MA 

Bachelor of Arts, Major: Political Science and History