G Yoga

This series is for you grandparents who want to be on the floor with your grandkids.

You have a 20 minute series which can be done wherever you put a straight chair and a mat or towel on the floor/ground. It is not better or worse if you sit in the chair. Start where you are today.

Beginning at the bottom and working your way up the body, you will move to some degree every single joint. The end of class is a short rest to reset you for daily life and off you go.

Tip: some people do this series in the morning, some in the middle of the day and some at night. You will find the right time of day for you. Personally, I like to exercise first thing in the morning. If I wait until later in the day it is hard to sleep. And everyone is different. Find the right time for you.

18 classes will be available to you to get started. Do them in order.

My mom started yoga class at 87. She would go once a week to the studio down the street from her home for class and found positive changes to her health and body. After two years of practice her doctor reported “significant improvement” in her hip and spine from the results of her osteoporosis scan. When she heard those results she decided to go twice a week.

I just taught this class to my two younger friends. They loved it.