my doc quit yoga

He did and he told me that he did and he told me why. This is all very good news. It means that I can be honest with him about my health concerns and that we will have a conversation about my health.


This is how I understood what he said to me.

He went to classes regularly for about a year and a half and finally quit because he didn’t find he was getting anything from the instruction. I interpret this as that “he was not seen”. I have to guess that he is just over 50 years old, not particularly flexible and hoping to regain some of the body that he used to know. Also, he did make a promise [to Norman] that he would try yoga. That karma would be bad if he didn’t keep his word. Trust me.


So what he says is that he was sick and tired of being instructed by some flexible bendy super in shape younger woman. She moved too fast for him and he felt defeated. He did find a male instructor who had a little more time for him than the female leader. From here it looked like he did the right things as an aspiring to learn student would do. He showed up and set up right next to the teacher in order to get the best instruction possible. This man is not a slacker, so what happened?

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