Tonight Wilson and I were walking around the block before dinner. It was dark and I could smell the leaves aging as we walked by. It is late in October and the passage of time is measured in the darkness of the season. Monday is November and a good time to start a new project.

For the month I committed myself to an illustration yoga challenge. I am willing to draw one asana per day. Good for me!

Update – 11/12/2021

I have drawn ONE asana. The one I chose is Seated Forward Bend [Paschimottanasana] because it’s my favorite and I found out that it is hard to draw.

Head to Feet Yoga Asana Drawing







Since the time I thought up this great challenge and project for myself, I came to the conclusion that I was just revisiting a past project where I took a daily photo of an asana. There is not a lot of difference between the two, just the media. Most importantly, this type of project is more a distraction than developing any skill.

In that revelation – and for the purposes of entertainment – I give you some of my drawings and their corresponding photographs.